Our Practices

Debt Settlement

  • Debt settlement is a popular way to help resolve debt that has become unmanageable
  • We will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount you owe
  • We will help you payoff your debt faster
  • Pay less toward credit cards payments each month
  • There are no upfront legal fees
  • Good credit is not required

Other Services (offered by Higbee & Associates)

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Appellate law (civil and criminal)
  • Civil rights restoration 
  • Post-conviction relief

Stop Creditor Harassment - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

  • Federal law protects you from being harassed by debt collectors
  • We can stop creditors from harassing you
  • Types of harassment include repeated calls during the same day, calling you at work without permission, abusive language, unlawful legal threats and man more.
  • Most cases are handled on contingency, so you do not pay us anything unless we get you paid.  

Fight Creditor Lawsuits

  • If you are getting sued by a creditor, we can help.  We have two excellent options.
  • Full-service legal representation.   We can represent you from start to finish.  You can choose to pay hour or a flat-fee.  Flat-fee prices vary and start at $750.
  • Do it yourself representation.  We have helped hundreds of people handle their own case by providing them expert advice and professionally prepared legal documents.  Prices start at $175.

“We are here to help you get a new start.”

Mathew Higbee, Attorney

"We have helped thousands of people get a new start."

Melissa Clark, Attorney

"You can trust us to look out for you and to never stop fighting."

Stephen Plantan, Attorney